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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How effective are Chinese herbs?
  • A: Chinese herbs are medicines Chinese people have been relied on for their health for thousand years. While some of them are outdated, lots of them are still proven effective and widely used in modern days. In many ways, they complement with modern medicine and may address health concerns modern medicine falls short with.
  • Q: Why are Chinese herbs all herbal formulas instead of a single herb?
  • A: Chinese herbs are rarely used individually in clinics. They are used exclusively in herbal formulas where multiple herbs are combined. This is due to the belief and observation over time that a single herb either does not provide all the power for cure or a potential side effect needs to be contained.
  • Q: Can you help me understand the names of patent Chinese medicines?
  • A: The names of patent Chinese medicines consist of two parts. The last word such as wan or pian serves to indicate the form of the herbs in pills or tablets. The words proceeding the last word literally could mean the name of the core herb (e.g., Shou Wu in Shou Wu Wan) or the function of the formula. (e.g., Yu Ping Feng in Yu Ping Feng Wan means Jade Screen to reflect its function in shielding the body off pathogens.) So, look only the first part to identify the formula and the last word to tell the form. The same formula may come in various forms like wan or pian.
  • Q: What are the forms a herbal formula may have?
  • A: The common forms of herbal formulas are Tang (means decoction drink), San (fine powder), Wan (means pills), Pian (means tablets). Normally, Tang or San is the original form from which Wan or pian is derived. Tang is most effective but involves individual formulation and decoction, which is not easy to handle.
  • Q: What is wan or pian in your patent Chinese medicine?
  • A: Wan is pills whereas pian is tablets in Chinese. The full line of patent traditional Chinese medicines we carry comes in the form of either wan or pian. Wan is the more traditional form. Both forms contain exactly the same active ingredients extracted in the same way from the same recipe of herbs. Wan normally comes in 200 pills whereas pian in 100 or 200 tablets. The total weight of both forms is the same.