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Propolis Extract and Honey Spray 蜂胶喷雾巴西原产 CODE: P008
Propolis Extract and Honey Spray 蜂胶喷雾巴西原产
This product is the result of combining the noblest Propolis Extract Polenectar™, made mainly with "GREEN" Propolis, and the tastiest Bee Honey, not containing any preservatives or chemical additives such as flavorings or colorings. With a pleasant taste, the Propolis Extract and Honey – Spray Polenectar® can be used anywhere, several times a day, due to the spray bottle.

Ingredients: Propolis Extract (which includes "GREEN" Propolis in its composition), Honey and Distilled Water.

Presentation: Spray glass flasks containing 30 ml of extract

We are dedicated to high quality products for your health. Our products, Brazilian Green Propolis, come directly from Brazil and certified by FDA. Besides our highest quality, we offer an affordable price to our customers. 100% customer satisfaction is our uppermost goal.
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