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About Our Products

Min Tong
Min Tong Pharmaceutical Company was established in Taiwan in 1938 and in 1988, it receives the GMP certification every year. It has also passed the Japanese Department of Health's requirements and the Australian government's inspections (TGA) in order to export to those countries. The Company has been doing research and producing Chinese herbal extracts for decades. The extract products of herbal formulas and single herbs are widely used by clinics, hospitals and herbal pharmacies in Taiwan. Chinese herbs are considered medicine and are regulated and monitored closely by the Department of Health of Taiwan. Min Tong Pharmaceutical Company has put large funds into doing research and improving the facility to elevate and maintain the quality of Chinese herbal products.
The average concentration is about 5:1 and is much higher in those formulas with more ingredients. All the ingredients in Min Tong formulas are preprocessed, premixed and cooked together. The single herbal extracts are about five times stronger than dried raw herbs. The fine granule particles and the tablets are easy to dissolve and easily absorbed. Most of the formulas chosen are traditional and have been used by generations of Asians over the centuries.

Beijing Tong Ren Tang
Established in 1669, Beijing Tong Ren Tang enjoys a high reputation as a prestigious old firm in traditional Chinese medicines in China. From 1723, it had served as an exclusive medical supplier to the Royer Court family of Qing dynasty for a period of 188 years due to its unique formulation, superior materials used, excellent processing method as well as its outstanding potency.
Over the past 340 years, Tong Ren Tang has been taking heart to follow the commandment set out by its founder, that is, No matter how complex the production procedures are, and no matter how expensive the materials are, Tong Ren Tang should produce medicines strictly following their prescription. Traditional manufacturing norms are observed immaculately. Tong Ren Tang is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by China SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration). 10 of the production lines also applied and been approved with Australian GMP certificate. Making high quality and high effective products is how Tong Ren Tang has gained and maintained its reputation and won its trust among its consumers. Today, Tong Ren Tang is the most trusted name in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Tong Ren Tang is synonymous with integrity, perfection and honesty.

Shanghai Lei Yun Shang
Shanghai Lei Yun Shang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Shanghai Lei Yun Shang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a company with activities in the production, manufacturing and trading of Chinese herbs, traditional herbal medicinal and healthcare products. Lei Yun Shang is one of Chinas oldest traditional brands with a history of more than 300 years.

The Shanghai Lei Yun Shang family includes 11 GAP herb plantations, 5 GMP certifi ed herbal pharmaceutical manufacturers (capable of producing 20 diff erent dosage forms), 5 GSP-certifi ed herbal pharmaceutical distribution companies (including nearly 300 pharmacies in Shanghai) and a national level research institute (Shanghai Institute of Chinese Materia Medica). Shanghai Lei Yun Shang produces more than 500 Chinese herbal medicinal and healthcare products. Its products are not only sold all over China but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. Leys is the registered trademark of Shanghai Lei Yun Shang and is one of the most famous trade marks in China.

Established in 1993, Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a modern nutraceutical company. It mainly devotes itself in researching, manufacturing and marketing of botanical extracts from roots, stems, barks, flowers, fruits, seeds and entire grass etc. The products include botanical extracts, volatile and essentical oils, herbal teas, raw herbs, single TCM standardized granules, classic TCM formulas, nutraceuticals and functional foods, covering 88% of China market and also expanded to more than 20 countries in the world. Yifang is GMP certificated by the TGA of Australia in 1999, 2001, 2004 ,2006 and GMP certificated by the China's SFDA since 2003.